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Phonetic Calls And Songs

Phonetic calls and songs

Are you awake? me  too–Great  Horned Owl
A-weet, a-weet,  a-weet-teo–Hooded  Warbler
Bee-buzz–Blue-winged  Warbler
Bee-buzz-buzz or  Bee-buzz-buzz-buzz–Golden-winged  Warbler
Beeer–Common Nighthawk
Bob white, bob  white–Northern  Bobwhite
Bubble, bubble,  zee–Brown-headed  Cowbird
Caw, caw, caw–American  Crow
Che-bek–Least  Flycatcher
Cheerily, cheer-up,  cheerily–American  Robin
Chick-a-dee-dee-dee–Carolina  Chickadee
Chink–Blue Grosbeak
Chip-burr–Scarlet  Tanager
Chicki-tuki-tuck–Summer  Tanager
Chick-per-a-weeo-chick  or  chick-per-a-weeo–White-eyed Vireo
Chup-chup  TZEeeee—Seaside  Sparrow
Clink–Rose-breasted  Grosbeak
Chiva, chiva, chiva or  Peter,  peter, peter–Tufted Titmouse
Churr, churr,  churr–Red-bellied  Woodpecker
Chur-ry, chur-ry,  chur-ry–Kentucky  Warbler
Chur-wee or Cheer,  cheerful  charmer–Eastern Bluebird
Conquereee–Red-winged  Blackbird
Cu-cu-cu–Black-billed  Cuckoo
Drink-your-teeeee–Eastern  Towhee
Dtzee, dtzee,  dtzeet–Eastern  Kingbird
Ee-o-lay–Wood Thrush
Fee-bee, or  Fee-blee–Eastern  Phoebe
Fee-bee  fee-bay–Carolina  Chickadee
Fee-bee-o–Alder  Flycatcher
Fitz-bew–Willow  Flycatcher
Here, here,  here–Tufted  Titmouse
Here I am, over here,  see  me, where are you–Red-eyed Vireo
Hip-hip-hurrah–King  Rail
I am lazeee or beer  beer  beer beeee–Black-throated Blue Warbler
Jay, jay, jay–Blue Jay
Jeeee—Wood Duck
Ka ka ka…kowp kowp  kowp–Yellow-billed  Cuckoo
Keeeeeer–Red-tailed  Hawk
Keeeeer–Common Tern  and  Forster`s Tern
Kee-yer, kee-yer,  kee-yer–Red-shouldered  Hawk
Kid-ik, kid-ik,  kid-ik–Virginia  Rail
Kik, kik, kik–Pileated  Woodpecker
Kill-dee, kill-dee,  kill-dee–Killdeer
Kip…kip–Common  Moorhen
Kleeyer–Northern  Flicker
Who cooks for you, who  cooks  for you`all–Barred Owl
Maids, maids, maids,  put  on your tea, kettle, kettle, kettle–Song Sparrow
Meeoow–Gray Catbird
Poor Sam Peabody,  Peabody,  Peabody–White-throated Sparrow
Pee-a-wee or  pee-ee–Eastern  Wood-Pewee
Peeeeeeeeee–Broad-winged  Hawk
Peent, peent,  peent–American  Woodcock
Peent–Common Nighthawk
Peet-suh–Acadian  Flycatcher
Peet-weet–Spotted  Sandpiper
Perchickaree or  Babeee–American  Goldfinch
Chicki-tuki-tuck–Summer  Tanager
Please please pleased  to  meet`cha–Chestnut-sided Warbler
Plink, plink–Bobolink
Wheep, wheep–Great  Crested  Flycatcher
Purty, purty,  purty–Northern  Cardinal
Queedle, queedle,  queedle—Blue  Jay
Queer,  queer–Red-headed  Woodpecker
Quick, three  beers–Olive-sided  Flycatcher
See-bit see-bit  see-bit,  see-see-see-see–Nashville Warbler
See-see-see-sisi-see–Brown  Creeper
Scaipe–Common Snipe
Skeeow–Green Heron
Speee speee–Blue-gray  Gnatcatcher
Spring of the  year–Eastern  Meadowlark
Sweet, sweet, sweet,  I`m  so sweet–Yellow Warbler
Teacher, teacher,  teacher–Ovenbird
Tea-kettle, tea-kettle,  tea-kettle–Carolina  Wren
Tee-shaay–Sharp-tailed  Sparrow
Tee-si, tee-si,  tee-si–Bay-breasted  Warbler
Three-a,  three-a–Yellow-throated  Vireo
Tic-tic,  tic-tic-tic–Yellow  Rail
Tika, tika, tika-swee,  swee,  swee-chay, chay, chay–Tennessee Warbler
Tow-weeee–Eastern  Towhee
Trees, trees, murmuring  trees–Black-throated  Green Warbler
Tseer,  tseer–Red-winged  Blackbird
Tzee, tzee, tzee,  tzeeo–American  Redstart
Vee-a–Gray-cheeked  Thrush
Weesa, weesa,  weesa–Black-and-white  Warbler
What-cheer, what-cheer,  what-cheer,  or cheer, cheer, cheer–Northern Cardinal
Wheer–Orchard Oriole
Weeta-weeta-weeteo–Magnolia  Warbler
Weet-weet-weet-weet–Spotted  Sandpiper
Wheer–Orchard Oriole
Whit, whit–Swainson`s  Thrush
Wicka, wicka,  wicka–Northern  Flicker
Witchety, witchety,  witchety–Common  Yellowthroat
Yank, yank,  yank–White-breasted  Nuthatch
Zay, zay, zay, zoo,  zee–Black-throated  Green Warbler
Zeee, zeee–Cedar  Waxwing
Zree–House Finch
Zeeeee-up–Northern  Parula
Zweet-zweet-zweet–Prothonotary  Warbler

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