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Birds that use Fruit from Native Plants in Georgia
A list of various fruit eating birds for the SE US.

Native Plants of Georgia Known to Attract Birds
A list of natives plants of the SE that attract various species of birds.

Grow Native for Birds
A variety of diverse plants native to the SE United Stated, along with the species of birds that use them.

Birds that use Nest Boxes
Information about several species that nest in boxes


Better Birding
Improving your birding skills.

What am I looking and listening for
Key field marks for some neotropical species.

Helpful Hints to Bird ID
Clues for the beginning birder

Mnemonics for Common Birds in Atlanta
Song aids for common birds.

Learning Bird Songs
Simple steps to learn songs.

Mnemonics for Warblers
A quick guide to the eastern warbler songs.

Phonetics Calls and Songs ++++++
More advanced list of mnemonics.

Birding Where is it
Simple steps in finding birds.

Birding What is it
Describes characteristics used to identify birds.

Finding Winter Birds of North GA
Where are the best places to find winter birds in Georgia?


Backyard Bird Feeding
A quick guide to establishing safe, healthful feeding stations.

Bird Feeding Basics
Suggestions for bird feeders and bird seed.

Hummingbird Saga
The adventures of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird caught in a garage.



Nests and the Nesting Season
How birds build nests

The Chicken and the Egg
Examines the development of a bird egg.

They’ve Hatched
Parent birds care for their nestlings.

Leave Me Alone
“Abandoned” baby birds.

Your Coffee and Birds
Why shade-grown coffee is good for birds.

Neoptropical Bird Ecology
What’s the differences in tropical and temperate bird species?

Life histories of the woodpeckers that live in the southeastern U.S.

Owl Pellets ++++++
Information on owl pellets and links.

For the Love of Bluebirds
How to attract Eastern Bluebirds

Birding Ethics
American Birding Conservancy best birding practices.


Bat Facts
What do you really know about bats?

Restoring our Birds
How to help birds locally.

Native Plants that are Deer Resistant
Suggestions for native vegetation for birds that deer don’t always like.

Is Your Neighborhood Bird Friendly
What does it take to encourage birds to your neighborhood?

Backyard Habitats for Birds
Everything you need to know for a safe, healthful bird habitat.

Grow Native for Birds
The best native plants for birds.

Bat Facts
Learn the truth about bats

Community Guidelines
Suggestions for making backyards, communities and farms
more bird friendly.


Peru Story 2006
An adventurous trip from Cuzco to Cock of the Rock,
Amazonia Lodge to Manu Wildlife Center.

Owls of Minnesota
Finding Great Gray Owls, Northern Hawk Owls, Boreal Owls
and Snowy Owls near Duluth MN in winter.

The world of birding from the back of a motorcycle.